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Blue Coffee Mug

Blue Coffee Mug


Blue Ceramic Mug - Grid Gingham

Hand-designed and crafted in our sustainable studio here in Brum.

Using earthenware clay, double fired and glazed to provide water resistance.

Size: Large coffee mug

Features: Sgraffito texture grid patterns, compete glaze coverage

Water resistant, stain and tarnish resistant.

-Exclusively designed, hand built and fired by HomeGirl

~We have new stock &designs in all the time so favourite the store & follow our Instagram @homegirl.elegy to be updated ASAP~

-We are super proud to have an industrial, commercial grade embroidery and vinyl plotter equipment.

-Comes professionally packaged in sustainable materials. We ship from the U.K. and aim to provide 100% unbreakable packaging. If you are shopping internationally we will do our best to secure the mugs but cannot guarantee they will make it in one piece so please consider this before purchasing!

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